Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dell Latitude E6410 Review

When Michael Dell founded his company back in 1984, he had a mission: to deliver individual PCs configured to customer specifications. Since its first release in 1997, the Latitude line has targeted corporate customers with an emphasis on long life-cycles, reliability, and serviceability. The Latitude E-series is a range of business-focused notebooks.  Introduced in March 2010, the Dell™ Latitude™ E6410 laptop is designed, to quote Dell, “to increase productivity while reducing total cost of ownership…and features dramatic advancements in durability, security and mobile collaboration.”

Globally available
For multi-national corporations, compatibility is key when linking branches all over the world. With the Latitude E-Family product portfolio, corporations all over the world will be able to purchase multiples of the same computers and accessories. Networking within an office or factory and other connectivity support for the mobile traveling executive or salesperson are facilitated with ease. In the event of a glitch or breakdown, help is just a phone call away for 24/7 service and support from Dell-trained personnel including international on-site service.

Compact size, light weight
Whether used for trips around the world, between office and home, or just in the office or factory, the Dell Latitude E6410 can replace the space-eating desktop computers of the past. Weighing just over 4 pounds (4.26 lbs/1.93kg, with 4-cell battery), it is the size of a large book at 13.2 inches (335mm) wide by 9.4 inches (238mm) deep by only 1 to 1.2 inches high (25.4-31.2mm) when closed. 

Designed to please your IT staff
When a company decides to purchase hundreds or even thousands of computers, it is up to the IT staff to keep them functional over the long haul. As an alternative to having in-house IT staff, Dell offers ProSupport for End Users giving direct fix hardware repair and answers to all your ‘how to’ questions. Dell shines among computer manufacturers by keeping parts and components to the Latitude series in stock and available (you can still order parts for the old D600 units). This model has a 15-month targeted lifecycle, and targeted 5-year docking and peripherals commonality.

This laptop is very easy to service. Cleverly designed with a single screw holding it in place, the entire bottom of the notebook pops off. With the cover removed, you have access to the WWAN, Wi-Fi card, memory slots, processor and heatsink, CMOS battery, cooling fan, and the instant-on OS card. IT staff and reviewers report it is among the easiest of all computers to upgrade or repair.

Latitude to choose
I’Made to order’ configuration is Dell’s specialty and the Latitude line lives up to its name – there is a lot of latitude for businesses to select the performance, appearance, capacity, connectivity, and price best suited to their needs. The E6410 is a sturdy and durable rectangular box with a Dell Tri-Metal™ casing, along with reinforced hinges and rugged system latches and comes in a choice of three colors (available on select models). 

Personalized configuration
Depending on speed and performance needs, the laptop can be configured with any of three Intel Core processors ranging from the i3 (380M) to the top of the line i7.  Any of five different Windows 7 options are available including Home Premium, Profession, Ultimate and Professional 64-bit. You can install up to 8GB of DDR3 SDRAM running at 1333 MHz and have three choices of internal hard drives: 160GB (5400 RPM), 250GB Solid State, or 500 GB (7200 RPM). Again, choices can be made about the optical drives, whether you want DVD-ROM, DVD+/-RW, and/or Blu-Ray installed.

Comfort increases productivity
Working for hours at a computer, most users have two demands: for a screen that is easy on the eyes and a comfortable keyboard that supports wrists and hands. The 14.1 inch LED Display comes in two varieties: WXGA+ Anti-Glare at 1440x900 or WXGA Anti-Glare at 1280x800. While this is a bit small compared to the majority of Dell Inspiron and other home notebooks which measure 15.6 inches, this laptop has a clear, bright and colorful display with plenty of power to output to another monitor if preferred. Dell’s longtime partnership with video card maker NVIDIA is represented here with the NVS 3100 with dedicated 512MB gDDR3. There’s more ‘Intel inside’ with Intel HD Graphics.

In a painted-on gunmetal gray color, users report there is little or no glare from the deck or body or the display. With the gesture-enabled touchpad and vibrant backlit keyboard, you can get your work done quickly and comfortably.

Take it on the road
This is a notebook that goes readily from office to the road to home and back again. It features connectors to choose from to cover almost any eventuality including a Gigabit Ethernet network interface adaptor, an option 56K modem, a choice of Dell Wireless, Intel Centrino and WiMax as well as Mobile Broadband Mini Cards. Bluetooth 3.0 is available from Dell as are an array of key peripherals and docking devices including E-Port, E-Port Plus, E-Legacy Extender and the E-Family of mdular media bays. You can also order a variety of stands, monitors, flash devices, and many other components and accessories directly from Dell.

Multiple connections
With global communications a high priority, businesses will find multimedia functions are well-served with high quality speakers, stereo headphone jack, speaker out, and a special microphone jack featuring an integrated noise reducing microphone array with speech enhancements. For meetings and chats online, there is also an integrated light-sensitive HD webcam and Dell Webcam Central software.

As you should expect from a professional quality computer, ports and slots include an RJ-45 network connector, and an optional RJ-11 modem connector. There are 4 USB 2.0 ports including 1 USB/eSATA combo. Firewire 400 IEEE 1394, a 6-in-1 card reader, and a slot for either a 54 mm Express Card or Type VII PCMCIA. A Docking Connector allows instant connect/disconnect of cables, while the DisplayPort HDMI and VGA can connect to LED TVs or projectors to show presentations, photos, and videos.

Secure and Durable
Security is a top concern in business. Dell supplies steel-reinforced Cable Lock Slots, as well as Media Module and Hard Drive locks. To quote the manufacturer: “Dell Latitude computers are also built to Dell's RoadReady specification which includes a durable magnesium-alloy casing, internal metal frames and Strike Zone shock protection in case the computer is dropped or suffers a severe impact. Many models also feature free-fall sensors or solid-state drives.”

Concerns about loss or theft of data can be allayed by installing additional protection. A Fingerprint Reader or FIPS Fingerprint Reader will secure passwords, and a SmartCard Reader or a Contactless SmartCard Reader, and/or TPM 1.2 are all options – all of which can be built-in at initial assembly or added later.  For those who need full disk encryption an Encrypted Hard Drive is obtainable as well as secure credential management with ConrolVault. Protect your network’s security with Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security and protected access available for for WPA, WPA2, and VPN. Hard Drive data recovery and destruction and a multitude of Data Management Services are available on a contract basis with Dell

Durability, security and mobile connectivity with Dell’s worldwide support are some of the strong selling points of the Latitude E6410. Clearly, Dell has done an admirable job of designing a powerful laptop at a discount price for the international business community. With its ease of repair and simplified upgrades, it can save your company both time and money on IT support. Get The Best Price Here


  1. The Dell Latitude E6410 is remarkable for its aesthetics, it is the case for rugged notebooks. With a reinforced metal frame, its matt black finish and scratch-resistant rubber studs to protect ports from dust, the E6410 is a machine made ​​for difficult conditions. The screen LED backlit 14.1-inch touch screen is very bright and has a reflective coating that promotes outdoor use

  2. Thanks for the specs on E6410! I have been using dell latitude d620 drivers and had few problems. Feel free to Download here!